I really did mean to keep up on my blog posts.  I have discovered that this is more difficult than I had thought.  I am great at writing in a journal, my personal and private thoughts, I am not at all good at keeping a blog.

My business is really slow and actually suffering of late.  I decided to go back to school.  I am now a full time student at Victoria's Academy as a massage therapy student.  I still do soap but not near as often.  Throw in a move back to the dry side of the state (the Tri-Cities) and life has been busy these last few months.

I am absolutely loving school and massage.  This has been a life long dream of mine and I am just now embarking on this new journey.  I am really excited, really busy and loving every bit of it.  I hope all of my loyal customers are patient with me over this next year.  I am having a harder time keeping items in stock but the soap is just as good as ever and I am committed to my customers and your satisfaction.

So, I had meant to keep up on my blog better but I got really sick with bronchitis and then, once I got well business picked up and I have been keeping busy.  Hopefully I can post about once a week to keep anyone interested updated on my little business.

So, the biggest news is that we are moving!  We will be in the Spokane area until June 20th and then we will be moving to Poulsbo WA, which is a very beautiful town across the sound from Seattle.  Don't worry though, we have two stores in Spokane who carry our soaps as well as one in Cheney.  We may even convince Lorian's to carry our soaps before we move.  I have the store locations posted on our other website but when we move we are switching over to this website completely and I need to post an updated list of all the stores who carry our soaps.

We are excited about moving and are going over, not only for Doug's job but also to help his grandparents out.  They do not have any family close by so we will be there for them when they need us.  There are many farmers markets in the area and I am excited to start attending them but will really miss the ones around Spokane.  Our ultimate goal is to someday move to Bellingham.  I have family already living there and other family that will hopefully be moving there in the next number of years.  We love that area but we are probably years away from realizing that dream.

It has been a busy day for our family.  We had a yard sale to help reduce the amount of stuff we have to move.  Its amazing how much stuff we have!  Our place is going to be smaller than this one so quite a bit has to go.  We may have a yard sale every Saturday until we move.  Everyone is exhausted but it really was a nice day.  

We are starting the Cheney Farmers Market again this year, at least while we are still in town.  It is going to be

Its been a rough week with Kelvin and myself being sick.  It started about a week ago and this is the first day I am feeling like I want to get up and get things done.  Doug has been great through it all and today got to sleep in for once, instead of letting me sleep in.

Its so beautiful out today and I wish that I had the energy to go out and play with Kelvin.  The sun is shining and so nice looking from my office window.  I might be more tempted if Kelvin hadn't gone from having the flu to having a cold.  Sneezes and runny nose and a little fever taboot.  Sigh!  Well, he can't be sick forever right?  It does feel like that this weekend.

Last week we got some good weather as well and we all walked to the park to go play.  Kelvin had fun but we all can't wait for warmer weather.
For the last couple of days I have been working on my new found interest.  Logo design.  I created my own bubble fairy and I have a few customers and I am designing logos for them by emailing back and forth.  I have finished one completely and am waiting on the lady to give me permission to post the logo on my "portfolio page".  I also have a few of my unfinished logos up.  It takes me longer to make the logos than someone who knows their way around Photoshop but I am working on it.  I am trying to earn enough through this endeavor to afford the newest version of Photoshop.  Wish me luck!

We have had a string of wet and dreary days.  Looking out the window right now, I notice it is raining yet again.  I may not be able to keep my promise to Kelvin about going to the park today after his nap.  He may have to be content to play in the back yard, under the patio cover.  He will probably enjoy any outdoor time, especially if we bring his bike out.

We have found a fun game in forts.  He likes to hide from the monster in his tents and forts.  He seems to think there is a monster living in the stones above the fireplace.  There is an outlet for the fan and it has gaping holes.  From his perspective it may seem a little scary.  Although today it was his "friend monster" that he was afraid of and the other day it was the "tickle monster" who lived up there.  I think it is more a game than a real fear.  It is also a great excuse to run and jump in moms lap to hide from the monster.

Back to work designing more logos.  I need to find another customer now that I am pretty much finished with the two I was commissioned for.  Know anyone who needs a logo?